It is no secret that within the past few years, fitness has been on the study rise and now even considered “trendy”. Meaning it is now finally cool to prioritize your health and exercise, who would’ve thought (us)?! Another popular fitness trend on the market today is the use of “fitness challenges” all over social media. You can almost be certain that your favorite instagram trainer is monetizing and offers his.her own fitness challenge and app available for purchase. Are there probably some fitness challenges that are pricier than they should be, sure however for the most part we like this trend.

In our opinion anything that encourages you to eat clean and exercise more is a positive and worth a shot. Many of these challenges offer and affordable way for everyone to have their own personal trainer. Now we all know some older generation may not be as frequent on the internet as some younger generation so is recommending your fitness challenge to your mom who wants to be more active a good idea?

We think, yes! Fitness challenges can actually be great options for seniors and here’s why:

  • They can provide a sense of community to otherwise isolated seniors
  • They can provide clear instruction for those who otherside don’t know what to do when working out
  • They can contain valuable professional advice from dietitians
  • They can be more fun and engaging than your average gym session!

If you are considering starting a challenge or inviting mom on yours, we say go for it, it may even help keep mom from having to use her long-term care policy!