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It is no secret that within the past few years, fitness has been on the steady rise and now even considered “trendy”. Meaning it is now finally cool to prioritize your health and exercise, who would’ve thought?! Another popular fitness trend on the market today is the use of “fitness challenges” all over social media. You can almost be certain that your favorite Instagram trainer is monetizing and offers his/her own fitness challenge and app available for purchase. Are there probably some fitness challenges that are pricier than they should be, sure however for the most part we like this trend seeing as how it can save you money in the long run with future health care needs. This is something to be considered seeing how more than half of the population aged 65 and up will eventually need some form of long term care services. With consistent exercise you can defer needing long term care until a later age, but can you afford it?

When thinking about your health are you planning for the current effects or the future effects exercise will have? Why not both?! Planning for the future is just as important and we believe knowing what to expect and how to plan for it is just as important. Ever consider looking into an annuity plan? With an annuity calculator, you can enter how much money you want to invest and see how your money will grow for future health care needs. Get an annuity quote today and find the best annuity rates that fit into your budget. Just as with consistent exercise, with an annuity plan you can prolong your health and have peace of mind knowing your future health care needs are in good shape! Annuity quotes are quick and easy and you can have an annuity plan in place in just a short amount of time!

In our opinion anything that encourages you to eat clean and exercise more is a positive and worth a shot. Many of these challenges offer an affordable way for everyone to have their own personal trainer. Now we all know some older generations may not be as frequent on the internet as some younger generations, so is recommending your fitness challenge to your mom who wants to be more active a good idea?

We think, yes! Fitness challenges can actually be great options for seniors and here’s why:

  • They can provide a sense of community to otherwise isolated seniors
  • They can provide clear instruction for those who otherside don’t know what to do when working out
  • They can contain valuable professional advice from dietitians
  • They can be more fun and engaging than your average gym session!

If you are considering starting a challenge or inviting mom on yours, we say go for it, it may even help keep mom from having to use her long-term care policy!

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Best Fitness Equipment for Home Workouts

Many of us have a deep desire to stay healthy and maintain an optimal physical appearance. But despite this, a lot of people lack the discipline or motivation to go to the gym or stick to an existing workout regimen. Others simply do not have the time for a daily gym trip – mostly because of a hectic schedule and busy lifestyle. This article highlights X best fitness equipment that you can choose to do your workouts from the comfort of your home.

Yoga mat

A yoga mat is an often overlooked but essential item that you will need to get away with your home gym sessions. You only need a yoga mat to do a wide range of home cardio workouts from YouTube videos. Make sure that you get a mat that has a good grip to avoid slipping when you’re exercising.


A treadmill is a valuable piece of equipment for those who would like to do a run whenever the opportunity presents itself. While these are generally more expensive than exercise bikes, they are a valuable addition to your home workouts regimen. Make sure to get one with an LCD display that shows distance, speed, time, and number of calories burned.


If you are looking to engage in some muscle building workouts right from the comfort of your home, dumbbells are a must have in your at-home fitness equipment kit. These are great for bench press, bicep curls, shoulder presses, bent-over rows, one arm swing, and a bunch of other full body muscle workouts.

Resistance bands

These are ideal for resistance training to grow your muscles and tone them at the same time. You do can a wide variety of workouts with these bands to suit your fitness goals. There is a huge variety of exercise resistance bands available in the market. Go for a choice that is versatile and lightweight.

Jump rope

Last but not least, the humble rope. This is one so simple and yet so effective fitness item. Skipping rope – which can be done from the comfort of your home – has been known to burn calories, improve coordination, strengthen bones, reduce injury risk, and improve heart health. When shopping for a jump rope, look for ergonomic handles and the right length. Some modern jump ropes have digital counters built into them for added convenience.

You do not always need to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer in order to live healthy and attain your desired body shape. These simple fitness equipment are a great place to get started right from the confines of your home.

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Intermittent Fasting – the Magical New Weight Loss and Health Trend

Intermittent fasting has proved to be one of the most popular health trends since the beginning of 2020. Unlike other weight loss programs that require you to exercise vigorously or watch your diet, intermittent fasting focuses on controlling when you eat. Some of the suggested benefits of this method – other than weight loss – include lowering cholesterol, improving blood pressure, improving glucose control, and reducing liver fat. Many individuals who try this method also claim to benefit from better motor coordination, increased endurance, and improved sleep. In this article, we are going to learn more about intermittent fasting and what it can do for you.

How does intermittent fasting work?

Mark Mattson, a Ph.D. neuroscientist based at Johns Hopkins, has studied intermittent fasting for more than 25 years. Mattson says that our bodies are capable of going without food for many hours or even days on end. In ancient times when humans were hunters and gatherers, they had to stay without food for lengthy durations of time.

Mr. Mattson explains that when our body goes for hours without food, it exhausts its sugar supply and commences the process of fat burning. This process is referred to as metabolic switching.

What are the benefits of intermittent fasting?

A scientific study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that intermittent fasting offers a number of benefits:

  • Mental clarity – intermittent fasting improves verbal memory in people and has also been shown to improve working memory in animals.
  • Improved heart health – there is increasing evidence that intermittent fasting can improve blood pressure, resting heart rate, and other markers of good heart health.
  • Better physical performance – younger people who fast for 16 hours each day experienced fat loss while keeping their muscle mass.
  • Prevent diabetes – animal studies have shown that intermittent fasting can improve blood sugar control and thus prevent diabetes.
  • Better tissue health – intermittent fasting can reduce tissue damage during surgery as well as lead to better results afterwards.

Types of intermittent fasting

There are various ways in which you can start on your intermittent fasting journey:

  • 16-8 method – this method requires that you eat within an 8-hour window and fast for the remaining 16 hours on a daily basis. For instance, you can start your first meal in the day at 10 am, then make sure you have the last meal by 6 pm. This would mean that your body has to do without any caloric input for the remaining period, during which the benefits of intermittent fasting can be experienced.
  • 5-2 diet – this type of intermittent fasting requires that you stick to your normal diet for 5 days of the week, then limit your caloric intake to 600 over the remaining 2 days. This method is also referred to as the Fast Diet and was made popular by a British journalist.
  • Eat-stop method – this method requires that you eat normally for most days of the week, but then make sure that you fast throughout the 24-hour period for a day or two.
  • Alternative-day method – this method entails eating normally for four days of the week then fasting through the entire 24 hour duration for alternative days. In total, this means that you eat normally over 4 days and fast entire through 3 days.

Regardless of the fasting method used, you should stick to a healthy diet during eating hours and keep your caloric intake to a minimum. Water, coffee, and other zero-calorie drinks are allowed during the fasting period.

Is intermittent fasting safe

People try intermittent fasting for different reasons. Some may try it for weight management, while others may attempt to address chronic conditions such as high cholesterol, arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome. Keep in mind though that intermittent fasting may not be safe for:

  • Children and individuals below the age of 18
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Individuals who already have diabetes or blood sugar problems
  • People who have a history of eating disorders

Even if you are not in any of these categories, you may still want to consult your doctor just so as to stay on the safe side. Keep in mind that intermittent fasting can have different effects for different people.


Introducing BARRE: The Latest Trend in Fitness

The latest trend in the fitness industry, with celebrities like Madonna and Natalie Portman singing its praises from high heavens; is it any wonder that the general public is running to their closest Barre Studio and signing up for classes? This ballet inspired fitness program also draws influences from yoga and pilates, aiming to shape and sculpt your body in the slim, sleek, dancer’s body that is all the rage these days. Barre workouts revolve mostly around exercises done at a ballet barre; a prop handrail used by ballet dancers for support and warm up exercises. Relying on bodyweight’s resistance, barre programs focus to improve your core stability and help you achieve better balance. Workouts usually use fun dance music to get people motivated and enjoy the grueling 50 minute workout. Various DVDs on similar home workouts are also available, using the back of a chair as a replacement for the barre.

Most studios are a large open space with mirrors on the walls and portable and fixed barres lined up. Much like a yoga or pilates studio, people generally exercise barefooted or wear socks with special grips on the soles. Props generally used are playground balls, light hand weights, stretch bands and yoga straps. Classes are divided into 5-10 minute warm up, 10-15 minutes of light upper body targeting exercises, 20-30 minutes of mostly lower body barre exercises and 10 minutes of floor workouts that target the abs, thighs and glutes. Workouts finish off with a cool down and deep stretching.


Most workouts comprise of a cardio component to get the program started. The Boot Camp or Total Body Conditioning (TBC) comprised of bootcamp inspired workouts with functional, motion strength training exercises are the first leg of the workout process. Heavy weights and props are often combined with body weight exercises to challenge the body’s core and resistance. These exercises are mostly strength based and bookended by cardio intervals of high intensity

The Brawl is another intense workout that combines cardio kickboxing sequences with thigh and glutes strengthening work.

The Barre-dio focuses on choreographing sequences with dance-inspired cardio moves and strengthening sections on arms, abs and glutes.

The Interval is a workout that segments high intensity intervals with strength training. This spikes the heart rate, strengthens muscles, increases stamina and affects the body metabolism on many levels through interval training.


The Barre Code Classic is a toned down version of the Barre Code class. This workout is a full body workout but at a much slower place, placing special emphasis on the arms, thighs, glutes and abs; using isometric holds, multiple repetitions and wraps up with some hard core full-body stretches. Different props are used to keep the keep the body challenged and the mind engaged. The Barre Code Classic uses a slower base and basic beginner exercises to develop muscle stamina and endurance and is also a safer complete workout. This workout is perfect for those of you looking to get back into shape or if you’re looking to learn the basics without tiring yourself out.

The Barre Code is heavy workout session featuring isometric holds and heavy repetition to develop muscle stamina and endurance from working the muscles to the point of fatigue. Each class uses a set of props that are varied to keep the mind alert and the body constantly challenged.

The Burn is basically the same as the Barre Code workout, except in a 95 degree F room that will detoxify your body, increase your heart and leave you satisfying sweaty from burning off all those calories.


The Baryasa consists of the Vinyasa flows and deep stretches to calm and compose, nurture and nourish; complimenting the Barre Code program perfectly.


One of the reasons why the Barre fitness program is making all the headlines may be the celebrity endorsements, however, the question most gym-goers are asking is- Does it really work? And the answer is: apparently yes! Most Barre followers rave constantly about the consistent results and the benefits that have affected them physically. Since most workouts are not focused on burning a lot of calories and mainly emphasize muscle toning and body core strengthening, enthusiasts find great delight in their slimmer and more chiseled bodies.

Combined with a balanced diet regimen and cardio sessions, the Barre Code will let you achieve that streamlined physique you always wanted. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a class in your nearest studio today!

barre fitness

Grand Opening in Boca Raton

About The Barre Workout – A Unique Way of Defining & Lifting Your Body

Barre workout is becoming trendier nowadays due to its unique benefits. Barre is liked by women because the results can be achieved not only quickly but easily as well. All the vital exercises for an overall development of the body are carried out efficiently. It is perfect for those who hardly get time from their busy schedules. It has been seen that people do crave for classes which are smaller in size and more connected. Barre is the perfect choice for those who wish to attain a balanced body and preparation for dealing with the stressful as well as busy days.

A barre fitness studio will soon be opened at Boca Raton across from St. Andrews Country Club on Palmetto Park Road.

What can you expect from Barre?

The important advantages associated with this type of fitness include reduction in the stress level, increase in flexibility, weight reduction, muscle definition and an improvised posture. Any women, irrespective of her fitness level, can join the barre workout classes. It is suitable even for the pregnant women due to the low impact exercises it includes. Pregnancy often brings with it issues like lack of stability and imbalance, these can be sorted out with the help of barre.

Is it better than Cardio?

The best thing about barre is that you attain the cardio and strength training all together which means that you are not only burning the extra flab but also building the muscles, at the similar time frame. The technique utilized in such a workout focuses on muscles getting strengthened. The tissues of the muscles gain competency of burning the calories.

What suits best for a barre workout?

It is advised that women must wear something they would wear for yoga classes. Leggings and tank would be fine. You might go barefoot or can work out in socks only. Avoid wearing shoes. There are carpets used in the barre fitness centers so socks will protect you from slipping.

Barre – A brief outlook

The beginners, after signing up, get involved in warming up exercises like push-ups, moves, free weights and so on for targeting the back muscles, chest and biceps. Ballet barre is then used along with the weight of your body for focusing on the seat and thigh muscles. In the end, the cooling period will involve some stretching exercises for recovery of the muscles and increasing the flexibility. In all, it lasts for about one hour. So, get enrolled for Barre Fitness in Boca Raton and experience the results yourself!!

barre fitness classes

Key Benefits OF BARRE Fitness Classes

While it looks similar to ballet, it’s completely different. In recent months, Barre fitness classes have been extremely popular. They may be incorporating some pirouettes and plies, but offer numerous benefits. It’s worth mentioning that barre classes offer the perfect mix of dance, pilates, functional training and yoga. All the moves are choreographed to inspirational music. In every targeted and energizing workout, you can use the barre with exercise equipment, such as hand weights to slim, stretch and sculpt your body. Here are key benefits of barre classes.

Doesn’t Hurt Joints

Barre classes are hard on your muscles, but not on the joints. Properly controlled and small movements that you perform in barre classes reduce pressure on tendons, spine, ligaments and joints. When you perform these movements regularly, you notice significant improvement in the posture and core strength. A tight core not only gives you a taller appearance, but also protects you from injuries.

No Experience Required 

When it comes to working out, every person has different strengths, challenges and starting points. In case you haven’t received any dance training before, there’s no need to panic. Professional instructors in barre classes guide you through each movement. They also offer feedback to make sure you’re able to keep up. It doesn’t take a lot of time to master your skills.

Total Body Workout 

The best part about barre fitness classes is that you will enjoy a complete body workout. After every exhausting class, you will feel refreshed from head to toe. You will feel invigorated, strengthened and stretched.

Modifications for Every Level and Age 

As mentioned earlier, barre classes involve small movements. You can easily expand or limit their range of motion to feel comfortable while performing exercises. It’s easy to modify exercises according to your experience level and age. Due to this, barre classes can be joined by anyone and everyone.

Increased Flexibility 

With focused and controlled stretching, increased flexibility is one of the most important benefits of barre workouts. A lot of people are strong but not flexible or flexible but not strong. Whether you’re stiff or sit comfortably in a pretzel position, barre classes are the perfect choice to increase flexibility in the body. Having strength and flexibility allows you to enjoy an active, longer life.

Lots of Fun 

When you’re performing workouts in barre classes, it always proves to be a lot of fun. You’re able to engage in a wide range of exercises. The choreography keeps changing. Inspiring instructors are always there to help, and make sure you notice results within a short period of time.

Lose Lots of Weight 

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of barre fitness classes. They help you lose a good amount of weight without making a lot of efforts. With a wide range of exercises, you’re able to burn lots of calories. In addition to this, your metabolic rate increases and you keep burning calories throughout the day.

In recent times, barre classes have been quite popular. You should definitely give them a try. With these classes, you achieve positive results within a short period of time. Barre fitness classes are a sure shot way to better health and fitness.

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