The latest trend in the fitness industry, with celebrities like Madonna and Natalie Portman singing its praises from high heavens; is it any wonder that the general public is running to their closest Barre Studio and signing up for classes? This ballet inspired fitness program also draws influences from yoga and pilates, aiming to shape and sculpt your body in the slim, sleek, dancer’s body that is all the rage these days. Barre workouts revolve mostly around exercises done at a ballet barre; a prop handrail used by ballet dancers for support and warm up exercises. Relying on bodyweight’s resistance, barre programs focus to improve your core stability and help you achieve better balance. Workouts usually use fun dance music to get people motivated and enjoy the grueling 50 minute workout. Various DVDs on similar home workouts are also available, using the back of a chair as a replacement for the barre.

Most studios are a large open space with mirrors on the walls and portable and fixed barres lined up. Much like a yoga or pilates studio, people generally exercise barefooted or wear socks with special grips on the soles. Props generally used are playground balls, light hand weights, stretch bands and yoga straps. Classes are divided into 5-10 minute warm up, 10-15 minutes of light upper body targeting exercises, 20-30 minutes of mostly lower body barre exercises and 10 minutes of floor workouts that target the abs, thighs and glutes. Workouts finish off with a cool down and deep stretching.


Most workouts comprise of a cardio component to get the program started. The Boot Camp or Total Body Conditioning (TBC) comprised of bootcamp inspired workouts with functional, motion strength training exercises are the first leg of the workout process. Heavy weights and props are often combined with body weight exercises to challenge the body’s core and resistance. These exercises are mostly strength based and bookended by cardio intervals of high intensity

The Brawl is another intense workout that combines cardio kickboxing sequences with thigh and glutes strengthening work.

The Barre-dio focuses on choreographing sequences with dance-inspired cardio moves and strengthening sections on arms, abs and glutes.

The Interval is a workout that segments high intensity intervals with strength training. This spikes the heart rate, strengthens muscles, increases stamina and affects the body metabolism on many levels through interval training.


The Barre Code Classic is a toned down version of the Barre Code class. This workout is a full body workout but at a much slower place, placing special emphasis on the arms, thighs, glutes and abs; using isometric holds, multiple repetitions and wraps up with some hard core full-body stretches. Different props are used to keep the keep the body challenged and the mind engaged. The Barre Code Classic uses a slower base and basic beginner exercises to develop muscle stamina and endurance and is also a safer complete workout. This workout is perfect for those of you looking to get back into shape or if you’re looking to learn the basics without tiring yourself out.

The Barre Code is heavy workout session featuring isometric holds and heavy repetition to develop muscle stamina and endurance from working the muscles to the point of fatigue. Each class uses a set of props that are varied to keep the mind alert and the body constantly challenged.

The Burn is basically the same as the Barre Code workout, except in a 95 degree F room that will detoxify your body, increase your heart and leave you satisfying sweaty from burning off all those calories.


The Baryasa consists of the Vinyasa flows and deep stretches to calm and compose, nurture and nourish; complimenting the Barre Code program perfectly.


One of the reasons why the Barre fitness program is making all the headlines may be the celebrity endorsements, however, the question most gym-goers are asking is- Does it really work? And the answer is: apparently yes! Most Barre followers rave constantly about the consistent results and the benefits that have affected them physically. Since most workouts are not focused on burning a lot of calories and mainly emphasize muscle toning and body core strengthening, enthusiasts find great delight in their slimmer and more chiseled bodies.

Combined with a balanced diet regimen and cardio sessions, the Barre Code will let you achieve that streamlined physique you always wanted. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a class in your nearest studio today!