While it looks similar to ballet, it’s completely different. In recent months, Barre fitness classes have been extremely popular. They may be incorporating some pirouettes and plies, but offer numerous benefits. It’s worth mentioning that barre classes offer the perfect mix of dance, pilates, functional training and yoga. All the moves are choreographed to inspirational music. In every targeted and energizing workout, you can use the barre with exercise equipment, such as hand weights to slim, stretch and sculpt your body. Here are key benefits of barre classes.

Doesn’t Hurt Joints

Barre classes are hard on your muscles, but not on the joints. Properly controlled and small movements that you perform in barre classes reduce pressure on tendons, spine, ligaments and joints. When you perform these movements regularly, you notice significant improvement in the posture and core strength. A tight core not only gives you a taller appearance, but also protects you from injuries.

No Experience Required 

When it comes to working out, every person has different strengths, challenges and starting points. In case you haven’t received any dance training before, there’s no need to panic. Professional instructors in barre classes guide you through each movement. They also offer feedback to make sure you’re able to keep up. It doesn’t take a lot of time to master your skills.

Total Body Workout 

The best part about barre fitness classes is that you will enjoy a complete body workout. After every exhausting class, you will feel refreshed from head to toe. You will feel invigorated, strengthened and stretched.

Modifications for Every Level and Age 

As mentioned earlier, barre classes involve small movements. You can easily expand or limit their range of motion to feel comfortable while performing exercises. It’s easy to modify exercises according to your experience level and age. Due to this, barre classes can be joined by anyone and everyone.

Increased Flexibility 

With focused and controlled stretching, increased flexibility is one of the most important benefits of barre workouts. A lot of people are strong but not flexible or flexible but not strong. Whether you’re stiff or sit comfortably in a pretzel position, barre classes are the perfect choice to increase flexibility in the body. Having strength and flexibility allows you to enjoy an active, longer life.

Lots of Fun 

When you’re performing workouts in barre classes, it always proves to be a lot of fun. You’re able to engage in a wide range of exercises. The choreography keeps changing. Inspiring instructors are always there to help, and make sure you notice results within a short period of time.

Lose Lots of Weight 

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of barre fitness classes. They help you lose a good amount of weight without making a lot of efforts. With a wide range of exercises, you’re able to burn lots of calories. In addition to this, your metabolic rate increases and you keep burning calories throughout the day.

In recent times, barre classes have been quite popular. You should definitely give them a try. With these classes, you achieve positive results within a short period of time. Barre fitness classes are a sure shot way to better health and fitness.